Why Virtual Acne?

There are virtually no wait times. Often wait times for an appointment can be as long as 1 to 4 months for a local dermatologist. Virtual Acne offers a convenient, affordable and private service to address your skin care needs. A US Board Certified Dermatologist will provide a diagnosis and treat your skin condition in less than a day, even sometimes within hours if necessary.

No travel time, no parking hassles. Convenient, quick, and simple. Online or on your smart phone. Anytime from anywhere.

How much does it cost, and how can I pay for services?

We offer a monthly subscription rate of $49.99/month

However, if you have a one-time issue, we also offer per case pricing:
24 Hours: $49.00
8 Hours: $59.00
2 Hours: $69.00

At this time we are unable to accept insurance. Our services are not submitted to any state Medicaid program, nor Medicare. We do not bill your insurance provider. All fees are the responsibility of the patient using our services.

Services can be paid for with any major credit card (Visa/Master Card/American Express/Discover). HSA linked cards can also be used for payment.

Will insurance cover my prescription?

If your condition requires a prescription, your individual insurance plan coverage should apply. Not every skin condition requires a prescription. The dermatologist treating you will determine if medication is necessary and will fax or call a prescription into the pharmacy of your choice. Our physicians adhere to state regulation in regards to prescribing medication. Some restrictions may apply depending on your state of residence.

When should I use this service?

When the wait time to see your dermatologist is too long to address your skin problem

If you have a non-emergency skin issue, but would like an almost immediate resolution

If you want a second opinion on a skin related diagnosis

When you are too busy with work or family to visit a local dermatology office

If you're planning a trip and need immediate assistance with you skin condition

Who is treating me and how long until I receive a response?

You will be treated by one of our world recognized leaders in dermatology. Our doctors have been trained at some of the best medical schools in the country and they are all US Board Certified dermatologists.

We will provide a detailed report of your diagnosis and treatment recommendation (including prescription medications if needed) for your skin condition online. This is all done without the hassle of getting a referral, waiting several weeks or longer for an appointment, or having to travel to your doctor's office. We are available for consultation 24/7 and we guarantee a report within 2 business days, or sooner if requested.

Will I be able to ask any follow up questions after receiving a report?


Is a photo really enough to make a diagnosis for treatment?

In most cases for a skin related condition, a quality photo is sufficient to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. If our doctors are unable to make a conclusion from the photo provided, they may request additional photos or information, or refer you to visit a local dermatologist for a consultation.